Branding Unboxed: Branding, AI Art, and Revolutionary Video Creation!

Everything you need to stay ahead of the game this year.

Happy Everything 2024 savvy marketers and creative souls! 🚀✨ 

I hope you had a blissful summer or holiday season ~ I finally had the digital detox that I so desperately needed to get clarity! In this edition of Unboxed, we're unpacking cool new insights and tricks to up-level your brand. We will dive into the effortless world of this year's most epic AI tools and get artsy with video creation that requires no editing or filming! Check out Doug Healey's incredible work that is reaching millions organically with AI art at 'The AI Marae'. All these, coupled with some clever strategies for faceless branding, are here to inspire and empower your brand journey. So, let's get started! 🌟💡

  • 🚀 Unboxed: Reese Witherspoon and her Level 10 Biz Plan

  • 🔮 BTS: Going Faceless and how you can be ‘seen’

  • 🛠️ Cool Tech: The easy time tracker that works BTS for you

  • 🤔 Poll: What’s Your Marketing Focus?

  • 💛 Brands That Inspire: The AI Marae reaching millions

  • 🤖 AI Breakthrough: 15 AI Tools to make you a rockstar in 2024!

  • 🎬 Video Brilliance: Turn your ideas into videos with Veed.

🚀 UnBoxed: Reese Witherspoon and her Level 10 Biz Plan!

Did you know Reese Witherspoon made almost a billion dollars from content creation? 🎥🤯

Reese's approach to transforming book club picks into Emmy-winning shows like 'The Morning Show' and 'Big Little Lies' is a masterclass in utilising royalties and licensing.

By securing rights from publishers in exchange for featuring their books in her club, she cleverly turns these stories into TV gold - shopping them to giants like HBO, Apple TV, Netflix, and Disney. This creates a self-sustaining cycle: her subscribers validate potential TV hits, she produces them and reinvests them back into her club.

It gets me thinking: where can we implement royalties or subscriptions in our ventures? Take a leaf out of Reese's book and think big! 📚🎥🚀

🔮 BTS: Going Faceless and how you can be ‘seen’!

In the fascinating world of faceless influencers, building a successful brand doesn't necessarily require revealing your identity. This is BIG for someone who has specialised in building personal brands! So what gives??

Faceless brands focus on carving a niche based on expertise and knowledge, rather than personal identity.

A great example is The Minimalists, who've thrived in minimalism and simple living space, monetising through consulting and e-courses. Their success, initially without revealing their faces, showcases the growing trend of faceless brands on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Faceless content is trending right now in such a powerful way, which just goes to show that the power of content and expertise wins over personal fame and ego when it comes to brand building. 🌐🎭🚀 Want some tips on going Faceless? Just hit me up!

Here is one of our faves:

🛠️ Cool Tech: The easy time tracker that works BTS for you…

Check out this tool that's like having your own personal time-keeping ninja! 🕵️‍♂️🕒 It's super easy - just install it and let it run in the background.

No more guessing where your day goes; it tells you straight up if you're spending too much time chatting or on social media.

Plus, it's got cool features like helping you cut down on meetings and reminding you to take breaks. It's the hassle-free way to keep track of your time, letting you focus on the real work. Just install it and then review the reports! Give it a try and let me know your thoughts! 🚀💬

What is your focus for your branding and marketing this year?

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💛 Brand Fave’s: The AI Marae

Doug Healey's 'The AI Marae' is not just an educational platform, it's a revolution in AI art.

Merging Te Ao Māori wisdom with AI, Doug is reaching millions weekly with his organic posts. His masterclasses in AI art, using tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E, are groundbreaking for all people who want to learn - he keeps it real and simple, it’s not just about learning; it’s about creating.

Doug's AI Fashion creations are now being transformed into fashion shows and products, which just goes to show, what you can believe and conceive, you can achieve! 🌟💛

🤖 AI: 15 AI Tools to make you a rockstar in 2024!

🌐 10web: AI website builder that creates and hosts websites and improves page speed.

🎥 Opus Clip: Creates short videos from long content like podcasts or talking head videos.

🤖 Harpa AI: Chrome extension that brings all the chatbots mentioned in the video together and works as a personal AI assistant for the web.

👨‍🎨 Gamma: Creates presentations, documents, and webpages from text prompts.

🌹 Rose: Spreadsheet platform that integrates with AI tools like Chat GPT for data cleaning and text classification.

🖊 Notion AI: Speeds up workflow in Notion by improving writing, changing tone, and summarizing text.

👨‍✈️ GitHub Copilot: AI-powered code completion assistant that helps developers write new code and work on existing code faster

 🗣️Otter: Provides real-time transcription, automates meeting notes, summarizes key points, and captures slides.

📣 Mixo: Creates an entire website, including the logo and company name, from a text prompt.

🪅 Logo AI: Creates professional logos in seconds.

🎶 Stable Audio: Creates music using AI from text descriptions.

✏️ Soundraw: Generates songs using AI from a huge list of genres.

 🫢 Adobe Speech Enhancer: Turns poor-quality audio into studio-quality audio.

🗣 Murf AI: Converts text to speech with realistic voiceovers.

🎙 Descript: All-in-one video and podcast editing tool with AI features like voice cloning.

🎬  Video Tips: Turn Your Ideas Into Videos with Veed

Video creation has never been easier. Discover how easy it is to create videos without needing to film OR edit! 🚀

It's a one-stop shop for turning your ideas into videos, complete with voiceover. Just type in your thoughts, and let the AI do the rest, it will create the video, the script and the subtitles. The standout feature? Record your voice for that personal touch, the video will use your voice as the voiceover on your videos without having to read the content! With Veed, creating viral-ready videos is super simple and you can do it without a camera or editing gear! 🎥💻

you can convert your idea into engaging videos and clone your own voices to add that personal touch—all in your browser. #veedio #ai #adam... See more