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🏎️ Fasten your seat belts, because this week’s newsletter is going to take you on a journey through the fascinating new world of content creation, technology, and entrepreneurship!!

Instagram is rolling out a game-changing profile update you won't want to miss, perfect for business owners who want to maximise their profile visits and get more eyeballs. 👀

And speaking of game-changers, if you're searching for a transformative experience, we invite you to an event called Exponential Entrepreneur, with my dear friend and inspiring human Nicole Gibson 💗

Last but not least, let's delve into the strategies that can ⚡️supercharge⚡️ your video content and make your brand unforgettable. Are you as excited as we are? Then let's dive in!

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🚀 Unboxed: From Hashtags to Social SEO - The New Rules of Instagram Engagement

In other groundbreaking news, say goodbye to the era of hashtag overload on Instagram! Some might even say Thank God! 👋🏼 😅

But you’re not out of the water yet…

The game has changed - surprise! - The platform's algorithm now leans heavily on Social SEO, focusing on content relevancy and user engagement rather than just hashtags.

What does this mean for your brand? It's time to rethink your Instagram strategy and prioritise content that not only uses relevant keywords but also answers the questions your audience is asking. 🙋🏻‍♀️ 🙋🏾‍♂️ 🙋🏼

The shift towards Social SEO is about making your content as valuable as possible to maximise reach and engagement. So hashtag or no hashtag, make every post count!

3 simple ways to embed keywords into your Instagram content


Dig A Bit Deeper


🔮 BTS: See What Industry Friends Are Doing Right Now

The Future of Entrepreneurship Is Socially Conscious 💫 

I have been blessed to work with incredibly inspiring innovators over the years, and my dear friend Nicole Gibson has to be one of the most exponential humans I know.

Her bio is enough to give you tingles: a former Commonwealth Commissioner for Australia, she held a key role in guiding a whopping $27B (with a B) budget. Her brilliance is recognised around Australia with achievements like earning the Pride of Australia medal and making it to the Financial Review's Top 100 Women. 🏅🙌🏼

If you ever have the opportunity to be in the room with Nic, grab it. Actually, you do have the opportunity! She is hosting a 3-part series this week on Exponential Entrepreneurship.

It isn't just about scaling your business; it's about making a substantial, meaningful impact on society while doing so. Nic and her team will be sharing on blending personal development, tech prowess, and socially-conscious business models.

If you've been looking to step up your entrepreneurial game in a way that benefits not just you, but the community and the world at large, then this is an opportunity you won't want to miss. 🌏

And the best part? Oh yes, it’s free!

🛠️ Cool Tech - AI PAs GSD

Bill Gates Called It: AI Personal Assistants Will Change Everything 🦾 

Are you ready to get an AI personal assistant?

A decade ago, Bill Gates predicted that these digital PAs would become a big part of our lives—and (like him or not, that's another debate) he was spot on! 🎯

Whether you're a business owner juggling multiple tasks or a coach aiming to better serve your clients, AI assistants have the capacity to completely change your day and how you work. 👩🏽‍💻 From scheduling meetings to answering FAQs and making data-driven decisions, these intelligent helpers are set to free up your time for what truly matters.

This isn't just about convenience or trends; it's about leveraging technology to get ‘s*&t’ done and focus on doing your most important work.

I am blown away by what is brewing with and I’m pretty sure you will be too!

🤖 AI For Brand Breakthroughs

OpenAI's ChatGPT Enterprise: And It's Getting Even Better!

So many of my community are dabbling in using AI tools like ChatGPT, but many people are not really sure what it can do for them or how to drive them to get the desired outcome. 🤔

OpenAI has recently released ChatGPT Enterprise, solving one of the biggest hurdles for companies—data privacy.

Now teams can freely use ChatGPT without the worry of compromising confidential information. 🔐

Think about simplifying connections between ChatGPT, your company data, and your favourite apps like Gmail, HubSpot, or Trello.

But what does this mean for you and how you run your business? Imagine ChatGPT becoming your company's new 'spreadsheet, your tool for daily operations and task management from code to data analysis, all done securely!!

🎬 Explosive Growth with Video

The Secret Formula for Skyrocketing Your Business

One video has the power to redefine your brand and catapult your social media presence. If you're part of our Video Brilliance program, you're already ahead of the curve. Let's dive into the proven strategies that can make a world of difference in your content creation game:

🚀 Leverage B-Roll for Consistency: A stash of everyday video clips can keep your content flowing and aligned with trending sounds and topics.

🚀 Aim for Hyper-Posting: Accelerate your learning and growth by committing to at least three posts a day.

🚀 Listen and Adapt: Your audience knows what they want. Experiment with different topics and styles within your niche to find what resonates.

🚀 Data Over Feelings: Your growth strategy should focus on data-driven decisions. Remember, conversions are as vital as your following.

🚀 Solve, Don't Just Advise: Each video should tackle a specific problem, making it valuable enough for your audience to save or share.

🚀 Show, Don't Just Tell: Let your unique personality shine through, not just your products or services.

This formula has revolutionised the way business owners are growing their following and generating sales. You can apply these strategies yourself or if you want some help, check out the Video Brilliance for your Brand program, so that you too can start to unpack more growth and redefine your online business.

p.s. click here if you’re ready to skyrocket your business 👆🏼

💛 Brands That Inspire

Discover #Realimation: Where Reality Meets Animation

Have you ever wondered what happens when reality fuses with the animated world? Meet the visionary behind the trending hashtag #realimation—Max Neural.

Using cutting-edge AI and video processing, he's crafting videos that are nothing short of magical, offering an immersive, surreal experience.

😳 And I’m completely hooked…


#duet with @Max Neural #dancingstars I cant get enough of this epic coolness 💃 Im completely hooked on #realimation

Here are some of his most stunning creations:

  • 💥 Star Moves: Blending AI-generated dance with iconic celebrity moves, this video has captivated over 6.8 million viewers

  • 🧩 Jesus: Witness art and technology collide in this AI-enhanced representation of intricate marble patterns, attracting over 2.3 million views

  • ⚔️ Shinobi Dance-Off: Drawing inspiration from Shinobi Naruto Anime Naruto, this dance video celebrates its fierce characters with so much coolness and a sweet 6.4 million views

Max Neural isn't just leveraging AI to create dance or animated sequences; he's pushing the envelope of technological possibilities. From artistic representations to iconic character dance sequences, each video serves as a tribute to what's achievable through AI-powered content creation. 🤯

Bottom Line, Max is redefining the creative landscape online. His expertise in AI and video processing has positioned him as one of the platform's rising stars to keep an eye on.

🧞‍♂️ Bonus Box! We’re Granting Wishes

New IG Ad Hack: A new way to maximise IG profile visits. 📈

Have you ever wished Instagram could focus solely on getting people to visit your profile?

Well, your wish just got granted! 🪄

There is a new option in Instagram Ads Manager is designed just for that purpose. Under the 'Traffic Objective,' there's now a 'Conversions Location' specifically for Instagram Profile visits. How cool is that, to get the algorithm to maximise profile visits!!

If you are wondering, 'How can this help my business?' Think of it like this…

Imagine your Instagram profile as your business's digital storefront, complete with a compelling bio, an array of products or services, and tons of educational content. This feature could be especially helpful if your Instagram serves as a hub where customers can learn, engage, and convert.

It's definitely a cool new option that I will be testing, but remember, the real question is - How will you measure success?? Nevertheless, if you're all about ramping up that Instagram awareness, it's certainly worth a try!

Jon Loomer is one of the leaders in FB + IG marketing, he breaks it down for you.


You can now select a conversion location of Instagram Profile for Traffic campaigns. #facebookads #facebookadstips