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The world of marketing is moving so fast that it can be overwhelming, but don't worry - we’ll keep up with it so you don't have to!

Branding Unboxed is your insight into a world of innovation and brand-building mastery. Just like unwrapping a gift on a special day, each week is your gift of insights, cool updates, brand do’s and do-ers and AI innovation to get your brand seen!

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🚀 Secrets Unboxed: 2023 Insights from Gary Vee

In today's social media minefield, finding the right path can feel like getting lost in a new city. The constant buzz and choices on what road to take can overwhelm even the best of us.

Silence is not the answer if you want to be found. Here's a nugget of wisdom that wowed me from social guru, Gary Vee. I love how he shares that the post Tiktokification of social media has levelled the playing ground so it’s NOT about how many followers you have anymore the content is the key variable and measure.

🔮 BTS: See What Industry Friends Are Doing Right Now

Put me in a room with an inspiring business owner and coach like Dr Hayley Kelly from Therapists Rising and my cup is full! We started talking about branding and marketing and ended up talking about travel! As you do.

Hayley has been helping therapists to move beyond the Therapy Chair to ditch the burnout, work less, earn more and build a business they love and she is nailing it.

Hayley is one of the most inspiring coaches (and humans) I know. And others agree; leading a flourishing community of amazing therapists and coaches, as well as hosting a top-rated podcast and being a finalist in 2 Ausmumprenuer awards this week, she’s one to watch 🥳🍾

Check out a snippet of our chat last week and the full podcast here:

🛠️ Cool Tech Tools To Try

Try an AI Powered Scheduling Tool. 👩🏽‍💻

Do you want to increase your productivity by 137% ??? Yeah, you do!

As coaches and business owners planning your day, your week and your calendar are critical to your success. Imagine being able to use automation that can intelligently plan your day. You can remove your easily duplicated tasks, get your call calendar streamlined and focus on doing way more important work.

It feels like getting an extra week in your month! AI can take the manual elements out of your scheduling process by analyzing the availability of both you and your clients, we call this dynamic scheduling.

Instead of just sending out reminders based on a set time, AI-driven tools can analyze the behaviour of your clients and decide the best time to send them your reminder. So if your client frequently checks their email in the morning, the tool might prioritize sending reminders at that time. 🤯 

Motion is an app that can help you with this ⤵️⤵️⤵️

🤖 AI For Brand Breakthroughs

Let’s be honest - AI is confusing for most entrepreneurs. 

I’ve been in the technology and AI wormhole for the past couple of months and there's a lot of fear and scarcity around AI.

We’ve had a lot of change recently, not just in tech but also in the way we do business, the way we communicate and even HOW we communicate. The truth is, we’ve been educating kids for jobs that don't exist for years.

AI is not going to steal your job or your livelihood, and real opportunities exist for those who learn how to master and use it. If you don’t believe me, check this out; AI-skilled jobs are so in demand, companies are listing positions from $300k-$900k 🙌🏽

To start understanding the opportunities that exist in AI and career development, I read ‘The Big Brain’ newsletter which shares high-level insights in just 3 minutes a day. It’s an eye-opener! 👀

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🎬 Video Brilliance for Your Brand

I ran a workshop for some digital marketers a couple of weeks ago to teach them how to use AI to create video content. At the end of the workshop, not only were they amazed, they cheerfully told me that they are going to offer this process as a service to their clients. Agh - I messed up 🤦🏽‍♀️

I should have shared this with my OWN community first. Our new Branding Box: Video Brilliance For Your Brand is now available for just 20 people.

Imagine having our team repurpose and create your content into engaging, bite-sized videos, ready to conquer the digital world. Our service provides you with 50 crafted video pieces every month, tailored to your brand and message. Say goodbye to content creation stress and hello to more time, more leads, and more success.

Get 50 short-form videos every month; revitalise your content with expertly edited 5-7 second videos. We create educational content into impactful, attention-grabbing videos, designed to inspire your audience across every social media platform.

It is by far the easiest way to get ahead of the content game 🎥 Be one of the special few to have us create content for you.

💛 Inspiring Brands to Follow

Drumroll please 🥁🥁🥁 here is my first Inspirational Brand to watch: The Events Lounge

Disclaimer: I may be biased because this is my sister's business. But before your eyes glaze over, let me share why she deserves this spot.

This business was built from her kitchen table 12 years ago. She has grown to over 50k followers with a who’s who of A-List celebrity clients that come back to her time and time again. She has been consistently voted as one of the top Event Planners in Australia and Globally. With clients like Porche, Spotify and many of our local heroes, Rach has built her brand on instinct and good business.

Like many inspiring creatives, people have copied and used her work as their own on their websites and social media!! We all know about cheap fakes, but you can imagine how it feels as a small business owner when this happens. At the Events Lounge, there are no ‘brand packages’ or ‘styling guides’ to choose from, every single event is unique, bespoke and beautifully crafted with the customer experience in mind.

Her brand is timeless, her work is incredible and her attention to detail and clear brand style speak for themselves. Do yourself a favour and watch what she does. I’m so proud of you Rach x

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